About CanadaWorx

About the Founder

Hello, I’m Urmilla. Welcome to CanadaWorx!

The focus of my career has been on proactively enhancing recruitment efficiency and effectiveness in collaborative, diverse work environments. For over fifteen years as a Human Resources Professional in Recruitment, Strategic Talent Management, and Career Development, I have recruited and hired within the Engineering, Information Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Clients have included Apple, Apotex, Bombardier, Suncor, Siemens, Canadian Institute for Health Information, Canadian Tire, Wolseley, EastPenn, Manulife Financial, Wardrop Engineering (now Tetra Tech), Sitraka (now Dell) and various Hospitals across the USA and Canada.

I migrated to Canada 20 years ago and am grateful to my mentors and for successfully navigating the Canadian workforce. This experience has allowed me to empower many newcomers with making smart and positive choices by using essential tools to promote their career growth and fulfillment. Additionally, I developed their unique expertise and skilled approach to effective job searching while also matching the candidates’ strengths with employers’ needs and knowledge on Diversity and Inclusion which has resulted in their successful entry and integration into the Canadian marketplace.

I look forward to continuing on this journey. My commitment would help narrow the gap between a competent and highly motivated workforce which is aspiring to improve its living standards and employers seeking adaptable employees who can excel in the Canadian workplace, thereby, bringing a better balance to the Canadian economy.

We are unique

What‘s unique at CanadaWorx is our ability to deliver comprehensive services with a dual result: we help you save money, time and effort by not only identifying the ‘technical superstars’ and well-rounded employees through our Recruitment Services, but also in transforming your existing or future employees into well-integrated and socially comfortable team members through our training services.

Doing business with CanadaWorx

CanadaWorx was born out of a need for a company that:

  • Understands technical roles.
  • Keeps abreast of recruiting trends, and central economic and industry intelligence of skilled shortage professions in the Canadian labor market, as well as the larger global talent pool of potential candidates.
  • Recognizes that it is essential for Canadian employers to hire candidates with not only the right technical expertise, but also the perfect complement of soft-skills to ensure effective integration into the Canadian workplace.

With over 15 years of recruitment expertise, an extensive network of employers and trusted first-rate advisors in Canadian industries, and an impressive track record of working with highly talented, motivated international candidates, our team at CanadaWorx provides unparalleled customer service and comprehensive results to our employers and candidates in the most trusted, efficient and cost-effective manner.

“[CanadaWorx] has helped and guided me in achieving my career goal, by securing a good job that I love.”

– Mona Attout, Quality Assurance Manager, HATCH

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