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Employer Services

Recruitment Services and Campaigns

With the growing demand for labour in Canada, and a critical shortage as the workforce shrinks, CanadaWorx makes the Right Connections giving you an immediate advantage by bridging employment gaps with a pool of job-ready individuals who contribute innovation and expertise to your workforce. This helps you save money, time and effort by securing great hires who are well-integrated team members. The bottom line is we eliminate the costs involved with hiring the ‘wrong’ fit for your company culture.

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Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Integration Training

With a growing multi-generational workforce, diversity training is essential to bridge gaps in understanding. While some of our clients hire using a selection system with a technical checklist for experience, and utilizing behavioural or situational questions, they sometimes pass over great candidates who have all the technical or hard skills, but are being overlooked due to the candidates’ lack of awareness in a new country, and inability to effectively present themselves.

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“Not only did [CanadaWorx] deliver high volume, quality hire targets on time and on budget, but [they] also implemented significant initiatives and resources to the Talent Acquisition function which are being leveraged today.”

– Amanda Egan, National Talent Acquisition Manager, LifeLabs

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