Frequently Asked Questions

Can CanadaWorx get me a job?

CanadaWorx is a Canadian based independent Career Coaching, Recruitment and Training company that bridges careers across borders to create equal economic opportunity in Canada and worldwide. We have exceptional recruitment professionals who will review your suitability for current and future opportunities with our trusted clients.

We strongly complement our Recruitment Services, empowering Job Seekers and Students who want to begin, strengthen or speed up career success and improve their quality of life in Canada, with Canadian Soft Skills Coaching and Pre-employment Job Readiness workshops. We also partner with credible affiliates, with a core emphasis on integrity, to provide Canadian Technical Certification and Immigration and Settlement services, towards an all-inclusive comprehensive solution for candidates.

Under no circumstances do we make any representation to guarantee finding you a job. Your chances of finding a job, particularly for employer sponsorship, depend on your occupation and qualifications. Subsequently, the more qualified, experienced and prepared you are, the more likely the chance of connecting you with a suitable employer.

Does CanadaWorx charge for finding a job?

We do not charge candidates for finding a job. Under no circumstances do we make any representation to guarantee finding you a job.

CanadaWorx directly provides two distinct services to candidates:

  • Coaching/Training Services: Including one or more of a combination of Canadian Soft Skills Coaching and Job Readiness workshops, paid for by the candidate.
  • Recruitment Services: For Recruitment Services, we charge a placement fee to the employer.
I have been approved to migrate to Canada, due to arrive within the next 6 months, and would like to enhance my opportunities before landing or as soon as I arrive. Can you help?

To enhance your chances of selection by employers in Canada, please take advantage of our essential services that will prepare you for the process pre-arrival or upon arrival, or if presently living in Canada and currently unemployed or underemployed. Check out our services here.

“I would welcome the opportunity to partner with [CanadaWorx] again!”

– Amanda Egan, National Talent Acquisition Manager, LifeLabs

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