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How can moving from one country to another often feel so culturally overwhelming?

Do you find it challenging to find your dream job even with technical skills or professional expertise?

Have you been given the “Sorry, No Canadian Experience’ phrase, and you are unsure of how to move forward in your career and realize success in Canada?

Through discussions with employers and strong technically qualified candidates, CanadaWorx recognizes that employers lack skilled professionals who often come from diverse backgrounds and who need to be prepared for a seamless entry into the Canadian workplace.

Even as immigration numbers increase, Statistics Canada reports that immigrants are falling behind economically. Unemployment and underemployment are major concerns. To bridge this gap and to enhance your option of being selected by employers in Canada, you can benefit from our Pre-employment Job Readiness Coaching services which can be provided prior to or after moving to Canada.

You will better understand the challenges in navigating the Canadian job market and how with the right tools and interview techniques you can quickly build your way to a rewarding career.

CanadaWorx supports and guides you in implementing tools to save you time, money and sanity, as you navigate through the often overwhelming Employment Process in Canada with greater ease.

What sets CanadaWorx apart from the competition, is our reach into the Canadian marketplace and the ability to provide a one-stop solution for candidates and employers alike.

“[CanadaWorx] brings to the table the values of curiosity, humility, integrity, compassion…”

– Tony Scutella, Business Advisor

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