First 90 Days Coaching

 Achieve success in your new role.

First 90 Days Coaching

Have you landed the perfect new job and now excited to prove your worth in your new opportunity?

Have you recently been promoted to a new challenging role, but feel a little anxious about your responsibilities or just keen to put your best foot forward?

Are you wondering how to quickly adapt, successfully integrate with the team, stretch yourself within an efficient timeframe, get support to improve time management and organisational skills without revealing a weakness, leverage your strengths and pursue your own career development goals, have a ‘safe’ place to address your concerns about the new position and transition, and develop a clear action plan for your first three to six months?

I will help you achieve success in your new role in a more powerful, focused and often quicker way by: working together to understand key priorities for the business to secure early wins, defining and structuring personal performance targets, and working towards establishing effective working relationships with key stakeholders and the broader network.

The investment ranges from $600 CAD to $5000 CAD for 3 months, depending on the level of support you need.

“Not only did [CanadaWorx] deliver high volume, quality hire targets on time and on budget, but [they] also implemented significant initiatives and resources to the Talent Acquisition function which are being leveraged today.”

– Amanda Egan, National Talent Acquisition Manager, LifeLabs

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