Job Search Troubleshooting

Make a breakthrough in your job search process.

Job Search Troubleshooting

Do you feel like you are trying everything but still find it difficult to secure a job?
Would you like to learn how to increase your value and improve your success rate?
Let me help you make a breakthrough in your job search process to make it more effective.

$50 CAD for 30 Minute Call

Telephone or Skype

We will focus on fixing one of the following common situations:

Why am I not finding enough jobs?

(ie. Unclear goals, too wide or too narrow target)

I will help you with your job search strategy to convey clear goals to your network, making it easier for them to help you.

Why am I not getting interviews?

(ie. Resume or LinkedIn profile not doing an adequate job of selling or matching you to jobs)

I will give you specific advice on how to make your resume stand out, and what key words you need to use to tailor it to specific jobs.

What makes me stand out?

(ie. Unsure of the value you bring, and how to convey to employer)

I will help you clarify what specific skills and expertise you bring to solve the employer’s needs.

Please note: All Candidate Services are coaching services only. We do not charge candidates for finding a job. Under no circumstances do we make any representation to guarantee finding you a job. For Recruitment Services we charge a placement fee to the employer.


“Not only did [CanadaWorx] deliver high volume, quality hire targets on time and on budget, but [they] also implemented significant initiatives and resources to the Talent Acquisition function which are being leveraged today.”

– Amanda Egan, National Talent Acquisition Manager, LifeLabs

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